Daily Gaming News – 31 July 2015 – PS4 outselling PS2, Battlefield Out 2016

The two quick snippets of news from today I have for you are regarding the PS4’s continued selling incredible numbers and the next Battlefield game being confirmed for 2016 by EA.

It was reported yesterday that the PS4 sales had passed 25 million. Whilst this news in of itself I found uninteresting, yeah we get it the PS4 is selling a lot, I feel numbers for numbers sake don’t mean a lot unless you’re an investor, for gamers it doesn’t really make a difference. So long as it’s selling well enough that it will be supported well we really shouldn’t care. However, the fact that the PS4 is still currently on pace to outsell the PS4 does show how healthy the industry is at this point for consoles, all this despite the fact there are still very few good exclusives for PS4 it still seems to be blowing away the competition. However things could change this winter with basically all the exclusives being that of Xbox’s it is plausible that it could catch up the PS4 with the help of good Christmas sales. PlayStation’s success has been undeniably impressive thus far, but I believe stronger Xbox sales will be to the benefit of all. It will push PlayStation to be better. Having Xbox and PlayStation really competing for our money means a better product for us all.

In other news it looks like we will be seeing a new Battlefield game in 2016. EA announced the news at an investor call, because that’s how you announced a video game ladies and gents! The news was later confirmed by Blake Jorgensen the CFO of EA. Whilst there was a Battlefield game released last year, the ever so slightly underwhelming Battlefield: Hardline, that was made by Visceral and not Dice which according to EA proves the franchise hasn’t become annualised… despite the fact that Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty also do the same thing yet are readily accepted as annualised franchises. Okay I’m harping on about it a bit, annualisation isn’t always a bad thing so long as the games remain of a high quality and it helps developers and publishers experiment more with other games in development when they can rely on a good income from some of their top franchises. However we have seen significant burn out for both CoD and AC in comparison to games like GTA which showed the benefits of long development cycles without forcing a franchise to market every year. To be honest a new Battlefield might not be a bad thing so long as it can wipe away the bitter taste left behind from Battlefield 4 and Hardline, but I do believe the annualisation of the series would prove to be a mistake from EA and would plateau the sales for Battlefield rather than help it. For the series to grow and to readily compete with Call of Duty it needs to be it’s own beast and I think long development cycles and letting fans grow a hunger for a new game would be the best way for EA to play things.

So that’s a quick look at today’s news for you guys and girls, as ever if you have any feedback please comment below.

This weekend I am hoping to have an article up discussing classes in The Elder Scrolls series and how the next game should approach the topic, so be sure to check that out.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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