Three Things Elder Scrolls Online Should Do To Improve

None of the news that came out today particularly captured my imagination and instead of just writing a bare bones information piece on whatever I could I decided to do something I could put my heart into a little more for today’s piece.

As you will know if you follow me on social media; @seanmobsby (nothing wrong with a self promotion right?) I have been playing a lot of The Elder Scrolls Online on the PS4. Now the game is an MMO and I would be straight up lying to you if I claimed to be some sort of fan of multiplayer games, so for this list I will try and avoid the aspects of the game that can be linked back to the MMO side of things due to my inherent prejudices against them for simply being what they are. So without further a due here is the three things that Elder Scrolls Online can do to become a better and more complete experience.

The first thing I will bring up is the distinct lack of traditional Elder Scrolls skills being available to players. Visually and even to a degree combat holds true to the values of The Elder Scrolls series yet the meat behind what makes the characters unique is largely left up to the imagination. Sure many games do this and it isn’t inherently a bad thing but I feel the skills should be more varied to allow us to really roleplay the character in the game and not just in our heads, even if ultimately useless to gameplay. Different kind of magics, speechcraft, stealth and plenty other traditional skills are missing, and whilst their loss is off-set slightly by the magnificent guild skill lines, it still feels kind of lacking in that department.

The second is books around the world being impossible to read. Many Elder Scrolls hardcore will agree with me in saying that the reading of lore books in the series is a central dynamic to the series and one that is tragically under utilised in the current game. Whilst having a easy to look up library of some tomes is appreciated and really fucking helpful in contrast to previous games, it is still impossible to read other non-collectible books in the world when half of them are in PvE areas with the game not pausing whilst you read. It sucks, and makes you wonder why they bothered in the first place when it is nigh on impossible to read these books in the moment or later in the game, as they’re not collectable.

Finally, viewing items and player accommodation. Okay is two points, are you really complaining? They are quick ones though. It’s impossible to see what items look like until  they’re equipped and for weapons that means equipping, closing, drawing weapon, opening, equipping. That breaks up play too much, give us a Skyrim or Oblivion style, in fact I would love to see an Oblivion style UI in general with all of the stuff we do in game kept in a journal for us to read in game. For social butterflies such as myself (said with my brilliant British sarcasm) this isn’t a problem, but player housing where we can escape from all the multiplayer stuff and maybe have a few bits and bobs to do on our own such as training and tutorials would be so cool and help convince other players like me that this game is as much for single player Elder Scrolls fans as it is for MMO fans.

So thanks for reading guys and girls! Will try give you a more news based post tomorrow but that is dependent on the news I’m afraid 🙂


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