Daily Gaming News – 29 July 2015 – WiiU reaches 10 Million Sales, PS+ for August Announced

My apologies if this post ends up being a short one. I am pushing this in before I install the recently released Windows 10 on my laptop.

The first bit of news that caught my eye today was the announcement that Nintendo’s, let’s be honest, failing console has finally hit 10 million units sold after both Xbox One and PS4 reached this total a long while ago despite WiiU’s considerable head start. Whilst the games on WiiU have been solid it has been clear that is has been unable to appeal to either the core gamer or the casual market and is being merely kept relevant by the Nintendo faithful, a group that grows smaller every year. The games on WiiU whilst not bad haven’t been able to change things but they have enabled the console to reach the 10 million mark largely in thanks to the incredible success of Splatoon which is reached around 1.6 million sales itself. To put things in perspective PS4 has sold over 23 million and Xbox One has sold nearly 13 million consoles to this point which shows how far behind WiiU is and also how far ahead PS4 is. The Gamecube, whilst universally adored, was probably the most famous failure of a console and that even reached 22 million sales in its life time. However it seems futile to compare the WiiU and the other current generation consoles simply because Nintendo has for a long time, for better or worse, done things its own way and seeks its own market as opposed to being direct competition with PlayStation and Xbox. With the Nintendo NX details approaching in 2016 it will be interesting to see and assess the direction that Nintendo takes considering the total lack of commercial success the WiiU has had.

Call me a fanboy, but PlayStation plus is fucking awesome. Yeah it sucks that the online play on PS4 is now locked behind the PS+ wall but on the flip-side is has opened up the incredible value of the monthly free games. Whilst there have been less AAA games provided during the PS4 era, for the simple reason that there aren’t that many about, the indie games have picked up the slack and if you haven’t checked out some of the awesome games provided well I suggest you start now. August will provide four games for PlaySation 4, this seems to be a trend now after it was introduced last month. The games on offer are Lara Croft: Temple of Osiris for PS4, God of War Ascension for PS3, Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, CastleStorm for PS3 and PS Vita, Sound Shapes for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, and Limbo for PS4. Last months games will be leaving with the above’s arrival so better download them now if you want them. As for August’s games there is a nice selection with a fair degree of variety there for your tastes so get downloading guys and girls!

So that’s it for today’s quick post on news, now onto installing Windows 10. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, advice would also be welcome.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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