Oulu Game Lab Week 7: More Blender

Welcome back for my seventh week update at Oulu Game Lab. This week I have mainly been working on a combination of honing my abilities in using blender whilst also working on some environmental 3D objects for our game. The week started off with our weekly Monday team meeting, this week regarding our more specific roles in the team and where we should be focussing. We also discussed our plan for releasing information on our project, which is why I have been rather quiet in telling you about it so far.

The rest of Monday I spent watching tutorials on YouTube to make environment models in Blender. I find the best way to learn things from the tutorials is first to watch the tutorial without working on blender and then follow the tutorial afterwards. Then if I have problems use the tutorial to help with each step. I will hopefully find the time to re-do some of the tutorials to see how much of the information has stuck.

Tuesday I spent attempting to model some low polygon trees and other foliage. This was mainly for the practice, so that I could make models that would suit our game later, as our game is not utilising a low polygon artistic style. Tuesday afternoon was interesting as we had an interview with Jussi and KP regarding what we wanted to get out of being at OGL to evaluate where we are at ability wise at the moment. It was great to see how much emphasis OGL has on it’s participants and what they get out of it. Both Jussi and KP really care about how we are doing as people, and really try to help in anyway they can so that we can get the most out of our stay here as possible. I felt some of the comments they had regarding me were accurate and I want to take it on board and learn from it.

I spent Wednesday working on some trees and foliage again, however this was not going particularly well so I turned my attention back to some more fun tutorials such as one from Tutor4u on YouTube about making an exploding planet. This was really fun and taught me a little about adding effects to enhance the image as well as learning some more of the modifiers and tools like Cell Fracture and using Particle Effects.


I also created a bowl with a cloth of some sort draped over the side. This required me to do some animation for the first time and was really quite interesting, despite this temporary laptop struggling with the workload.  This is probably one of the prettiest 3D models I have made, although it was very simple and did not really challenge me or teach me anything new beyond the basic animating.



Thursday was spent again attempting to make trees and other objects for the game, whilst this was a more successful attempt, I still could not get the leaves to fit the style of which we needed and when I did the tree still did not look right. However making some of the other objects was more simple and was easily done, although some more iterations would be of no harm. I attempted another tutorial that required a simple animation to make an ice 3D model for text. This was also really simple and lead me to attempt something more challenging for myself.


So on Thursday evening – Friday morning I was eager to attempt something that would be slightly more challenging, I decided to look a little more into the animation side of things with a tutorial from Jjannaway3D on how to make a fire animation. Whilst this was not overly difficult to understand or follow, due to this temporary laptop’s limitations it took a long time to produce the animation. The tutorial was really useful and taught me more about the animation process on blender. I will be looking more into this in the future alongside making more 3D models and practising tutorials.

So this week I leave you with my fire animation, I hope you have enjoyed the animation and this weeks update. See you all soon!


2 thoughts on “Oulu Game Lab Week 7: More Blender

  1. Hey, just so that you know, you are plagiarizing these creations, yes they are very good animations, however these were all tutorials from Tutor4u which means that you NEED to tell your viewers that you made these with that tutorial.


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