Mass Effect’s Lack of Controller Support

Over the last few days, I have been attempting to make the move from console to PC in preparation for 5 months with access only to my laptop. As I have developed everything I know about gaming on a console, the mouse and keyboard method of gaming is alien to me and as a result it is near impossible for me to enjoy the gaming experience anywhere near as much as I do on a console. So of course the answer to this is ‘Sean just plug in an Xbox 360 controller!’ and you’re right this would be the easy answer for most games, but not my favourite series however.


As I tried to play BioWare’s Mass Effect 3 with a controller I was astounded to see that the series had no controller support what-so-ever. This is a major disappointment to me personally, especially as from the outside I had always seen PC as the platform with the most choice of how to play, the most variety of settings and control input, and with mods adding even more to that.

To add to this, my disappointment in the PC version of Mass Effect 3 extended upon how few options there were. I have a very low powered laptop, I struggle to run most games and the fact there are so few options for me to get this game to run effectively on my laptop is a major disappointment. 

To BioWare, and other developers who do the same, from a console perspective the PC has so much freedom, why not utilise that freedom instead of trying to force console like restrictions on it, that will ultimately lead to a better player experience. 

It is by no means the end of the world, and there are other games and other developers to support on the PC, but a developer with as much prestige as BioWare should not settle for making a weaker game on any platform.  

As someone who hopes to make the move to PC from console permanent over the next few years, I hope the next Mass Effect has both controller support and more options or I will not be buying it.


Oulu Game Lab

So in the recent weeks I have not been updating my blog so much. This is mainly down to an opportunity that has arisen that any young gamer such as myself would take. But I think a little background information is in order.


Currently I am a 3rd year Industrial Product Design student at Coventry university, however I feel it would be fair to say that anyone who really knows me understands my passions lay elsewhere, they lay in the video games industry.

Product Design has given me a number of transferable skills such as sketching, design thinking, CAD (computer aided design) and 3D modelling just to name a few. These developing skills have led me to an opportunity for a 3rd year placement; an exchange trip to Oulu Game Lab in Finland lasting from March until July. I am sure you can imagine my excitement at the prospect. 

I have never been ‘gifted’ with IT or any technology really, so the chance to do Game Design has never really surfaced for me until now, and hopefully with my philosophy on what video games are and what their future holds I hope that I can make the most of this opportunity and flourish in my studies of an industry I am deeply passionate about.

So it is with great pleasure that I can announce that because I have been accepted to go there with my friend and house mate, Dominic Perry, I will be including regular updates on my adventure into the gaming industry! I am 18 days away from leaving and will hope to keep you all up to date regularly on my progress alongside my commitment to bring you news and opinions on all the happenings in the wider world of this industry we adore.

And now I have some questions for you! Do you  study or work on games? Why (not)? What would you like to know about my studies?

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